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AdoptOpenJDK Java™ is the world's leading programming language and platform. The code for Java is open source and available at OpenJDK™. AdoptOpenJDK provides prebuilt OpenJDK binaries from a fully open source set of build scripts and infrastructure.


Rebol programming language.

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Java(TM) SE platform binary is not responding

I've had this problem for today only, yesterday was fine. Whenever I launch minecraft this happens. I tried to end task of the error window in task manager. That worked, but the game was unplayable and I couldn't navigate the title screen. The title screen was sub 5 fps and it was glitch asf. Has anyone had the same problem? Pls help. Thanks.
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What cross platform binary communications protocols are commonly used for sending 64 bit "key and value" type scientific data?

I don't need to send a complicated struct, just a simple key/value pair. Is there a version of Modbus that can deal with big numbers without having to split them into multiple messages, or something like the CAN bus packet format that runs over point to point serial or TCP/UDP links?
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Please help. I just download java minecraft 1.14.3 on my i5-4210U computer with windows 8 and i cant do anything. I get the platform binary se stopped responding. First i realize i had to install java jre, so i did. Then i try updating graphics card but they all say im not compatible

Any ideas. Edit, windows 8.1
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gogo-release: build cross-platform binaries

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AK platform binary trigger? Game On...

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Java SE platform binary has stopped running thought I tried everything

I doubt there's a connection, but ever since the new launcher I've been getting the error mentioned in title when i load up minecraft it starts loading and the bar stops towards the end and minecraft crashes with the error.
I have already tried:
-updating/reinstalling java
-reinstalling minecraft
-updating drivers

and still I get this error. Could someone please suggest a solution
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Help test cross platform binaries for small app

Guys, I released a tiny tool to comment to Github PIssue with status comment. The idea to have only one comment attached to issue, examples:
Here is sources: https://github.com/miry/prcomment
I tried to build for Linux and MacOS: https://github.com/miry/prcomment/releases. Because it is not Go, It should be compiled with dynlibs. I wonder how it would work for other machines. If you have time try to download binaries and follow https://github.com/miry/prcomment#usage test it.
Or just use crystal run: make run.
Open for feedback and suggestions.
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NeoVim 0.2.0 has been released, now with Windows support and platform binaries!

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Anyone else having issues with 'OpenJDK Platform binary' interfering with project builds?

For some reason about every 3 times I go to build my project the 'OpenJDK Platform binary' prevents a particular file (json) from being deleted and stops the project build. When I close it out in Task Manager it allows the file to be deleted and the project build to go through, but it's just... strange. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue? It's barely more than a mild inconvenience but it's a strange quirk.
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Build an executable cross platform binary

So I need to make the business logic of my Swift project portable to other platforms like Android. Where I can start? So I end up with a code that can run on both iOS and Android
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System hardening in 10.14 prevents platform binaries (system apps) from loading 3rd party plugins. Any workaround?

Here's a forum post explaining in a bit more detail: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/110705
It seems like Apple is just killing the ability to make plugins that work in system apps. The one I'm working on uses the Device Abstraction Layer, or DAL, to present a camera device. I would think other people would want to be able to use this functionality still, but I haven't seen anyone else complain about it.
Is anyone familiar with this? Do you know of a workaround? It looks like it's possible to patch amfid, but I'd really rather not do that. Plus that article is old so maybe it's harder now, idk. My other option would be sticking to 10.13 and I don't love that either.
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System hardening in 10.14 prevents platform binaries (system apps) from loading 3rd party plugins. Any workaround?

I also posted about this over on macprogramming but this community is bigger and more active so I'm reposting here for exposure.
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Java (se) platform binary has stopped running

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had this error and successfully fixed it, I've tried updating my drivers, updating Java, uninstalling and reinstalling both Java and Minecraft, and a host of other things. I know it's technically against the rules of the subreddit but I cant find answers that work.
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platform binary options - 5 list!!! the best binary options brokers - you must now

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platform binary options - how to use different charting platforms with binary options

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Windows Platform Binary Table

What information have you seen related to the Windows Platform Binary Table? I first heard about it in the recent Lenovo BIOS incident, but the real bombshell was that it appears from Windows 8 on, there is a method by which vendors can include executables in the BIOS to be installed with any installation of Windows.
From MS: "The primary purpose of WPBT is to allow critical software to persist even when the operating system has changed or been reinstalled in a “clean” configuration. One use case for WPBT is to enable anti-theft software which is required to persist in case a device has been stolen, formatted, and reinstalled. In this scenario WPBT functionality provides the capability for the anti-theft software to reinstall itself into the operating system and continue to work as intended. This functionality is powerful and provides the capability for independent software vendors (ISV) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to have their solutions stick to the device indefinitely. Because this feature provides the ability to persistently execute system software in the context of Windows, it becomes critical that WPBT-based solutions are as secure as possible and do not expose Windows users to exploitable conditions. In particular, WPBT solutions must not include malware (i.e., malicious software or unwanted software installed without adequate user consent)."
All I could find was a paper from Microsoft (warning, .docx).
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Using a java run game, JAVA SE Platform Binary crashed when attempting to load it. Link to thread in desc

Here is the thread I made about it, I have information there, can anyone help?
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PolySwarm Partners with Reverse Engineering Platform Binary Ninja

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Does Miix 700 use Microsoft Windows Platform Binary Table to reinstall Lenovo bloatware like some other Lenovo machines?

As we all know, Lenovo put code to reinstall their bloatware into the BIOS, and used Microsoft Windows Platform Binary Table (MWPBT) to ensure that you couldn't completely get rid of their bloatware, and possibly to phone home to Lenovo.
My question: is this still a problem with the Miix 700? Lenovo released a patch to remove this "feature" from many laptops. The patch can be found here. However, the list of supported systems does not include the Miix 700. Is this because the Miix 700 doesn't use the MWPBT to reinstall LenovoUpdate.exe and LenovoCheck.exe? Or is there just not a patch for the Miix 700?
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Java SE Platform Binary has stopped working on startup. What do I do? Disabled firewall and reinstalled java and still no luck. please help

Java SE Platform Binary has stopped working on startup. What do I do? Disabled firewall and reinstalled java and still no luck. please help
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Cross-Platform Binary Exploitation

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Java (tm) platform binary keeps crashing in games like Minecraft

I keep crashing pretty consistantly, probably twice an hour, in Minecraft and I get the error message above. Is there any way to fix this? *edit: Also, a notepad file pops up every time called "hs_err_pid6680" and starts out like this:

A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:

EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x000000006db86caa, pid=6680, tid=6540

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